Developed by and for Behavioral Healthcare Providers

EMR-Bear is a comprehensive healthcare software service provider formed by a team with expertise in community mental health, systems-based behavioral health services, healthcare management systems, healthcare billing, information technology, and business project management.  Our system was developed by and for behavioral healthcare providers.  Our Mission: To provide an agile, user-friendly and powerful tool for an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

FActs at a Glance

  • 2014 ONC Meaningful Use Certified
  • Delivered via a Cloud-based SaaS platform, which means:
    • No hardware requirments
    • No licensing fees
    • No hidden costs
  • Built upon an agile platform that gives our customers the power to customize their EMR-Bear system through simple point-and-click tools.
  • Includes robust, pre-built reports for analyzing financials, EOBs, clinical productivity, show rates, training, client demographics, and more.
  • Includes clinical decision-making support, diagnosis guidance, and treatment planning triggers via a powerful "Clinical Wizard" built into encounter forms.
  • Includes one click claim generation and submission to clearing houses, as well as integrated electronic EOBs, for reconciling and posting transactions with one click.
  • Based on "true cost pricing", you can count on a subscription rate that will remain consistent, without hidden fees or unexpected charges.


  • Can also include customized environments for specialty services, including: 


Foster Care

Adoption Services

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Medication Assisted Treatment

Residential Treatment

Substance Abuse Recovery

Social Detox

Community Education and Mentoring