our users are more than just customers --

they are partners

For our clinicians, EMR-Bear has been easy to use - very navigable and intuitive. They appreciate the ease of completing both clinical and billing information.

For our administrative staff, EMR-Bear has been wonderful. Their programmers adapted the system to meet our somewhat unusual needs and continue to make updates and improvements as our needs evolve. We have been extremely impressed with the adaptability of the system and especially with the accessibility and responsiveness of the EMR-Bear team. Any minor internal issues have always been resolved promptly, and their team has also been extremely helpful in resolving any issues that arose externally (adapting to ICD-10 and billing concerns arising from that change, etc.) Suggestions we’ve made to improve the “user experience” were heard, and many were quickly adopted. The system allows for a great deal of do-it-yourself customization for administrative staff that wishes to, and the support team has always been happy to assist in or take over that customization.

We searched for an EMR provider for a few years before coming upon EMR-Bear, so our decision to work with them was based on extensive research and comparisons. The system meets all of our scheduling, documentation, and billing needs, and the customer service is unparalleled. We highly recommend EMR-Bear.
— Brittany Goede, Clinical Operations Coordinator, Southwest Cares

In my 2 years with the EMR-Bear product, I can say it’s one of easier to implement systems I’ve experienced.

The use of modern web technology and forward thinking architecture results in a product that requires very little technical training and provides tremendous flexibility in data capture while maintaining data integrity and meaningful reporting.

As for the people behind the product; they are clearly dedicated to quality and the important work we do for children and families. Working with the EMR-Bear team was a positive experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a group of individuals who will stand behind their name and product from start to finish.
— LeRoy Dee Golden II, Pathways Youth and Family Services, Kerrville, TX

We have worked with three different electronic health records over the years ranging from a small single service platform to an overly complex “enterprise solution.” We were involved with EMR-Bear very early on and left it for one of the big commercially available products due to the fact that we were rapidly expanding and thought the EMR-Bear development was moving too slowly.

After two miserable years working on implementation of the replacement software, we abandoned the enterprise product and returned to EMR-Bear. It was much further along in its development and we were very happy to be back on it. It is intuitive in its design and very easy to learn to use. We were also pleased with the business relationship and the personal attention the developers gave us. We were able to have direct input into and assistance with the customization and implementation with hands on support all along the way.

We would recommend EMR-Bear to anyone wanting to improve their practice by moving to or upgrading their current electronic health record.
— Shannon Freedle, Founder and CEO, TeamBuilders Counseling Services