Scheduling, Documentation, and Revenue-Cycle Management

clean, Organized Client Charts

A comprehensive and well-organized Client File is vital to your agency's compliance and efficiency.  EMR-Bear's client file provides powerful views of critical information via a clean, point-and-click environment.  

End-to-End Billing, Claims and Revenue Management

EMR-Bear's Billing and Revenue Management Environment is made up of seamless and fully integrated financial tools that begin applying checks and verifications from the very beginning of the client's clinical life cycle, helping to ensure that your claims are likely to result in payment.  For agencies operating in a cash/out-of-pocket basis, these same tools provide robust reporting and management tools that provide critical insight into your agency's billings, productivity, and contract performance.

Clinical Wizard: Clinical Decision-making, Diagnosing, and Treatment Planning Support

EMR-Bear's clinical wizard supports clinicians by first providing symptoms and problems organized according to the latest diagnostic classifications for help in developing client problem lists and selecting the most appropriate billing code based on that problem list.  Later, the Wizard presents the problem list back to the client for treatment planning, while providing volumes of quality goals, objectives, and interventions ideas based on clinical best practices.  Finally, elements of treatment planning appear in later clinical notes to demonstrate the continuity of care, or "Golden Thread", from treatment planning to all consecutive encounters with the client.

SMart Scheduling and Insurance Verification

EMR-Bear's Front Desk Dashboard provides an easy-to-read view of not only the day's scheduled appointments, but also provides information and alerts critical to compliance and the success of insurance claims. Administrative staff can easily see if payment/co-pays are required, if vital client demographic information is missing, or whether insurance coverages have been verified before services are provided.