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Invoicing:   EMR-Bear invoices are sent via email to the e-mail address specified by your agency. If the e-mail bounces, we will attempt to contact you by other means. If the e-mail does not bounce, we will assume you received it.  EMR-Bear subscription fees and RxNT fees are invoiced in advance for the following subscription month.  Fees for Add-on services including automated appointment reminders, faxing, and tele-health access are included on the invoice following their accrual. Charges for custom development and other services such as management or billing consultation will be invoiced at the conclusion of the project, depending upon the nature of that project, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Due date: Payments are due and payable within 10 days of receipt of our invoice.

Late payments and Past Due Balances:   If payment has not been received by its due date, we will notify you, via email, of the lack of payment.  If we have not received your payment by the 1st day of the next billing cycle, we will add a 15% APR Late Payment Fee to your next monthly invoice,  with the purpose of defraying the costs associated with collecting late payments.  This Late Payment Fee will be applied to any past due balance until the overdue balance is paid.

Credit card payments: EMR-Bear now accepts invoice payments via credit card.  This payment portal can be accessed via your EMR-Bear dashboard>Admin Box>Pay Bill.  The fee to you for use of this payment method will be 2.9% of the payment, plus a flat .30 transaction fee, which is a pass-through charge from our credit card processing vendor.  If you have used your credit card to make a payment and it is declined for any reason, your account may be subject to a $20.00 declined payment fee.

Non-payment: If you refuse to pay us, we will make every effort to collect the debt.  Per EMR-Bear’s service agreement, if your agency has not paid the required fees for three months, EMR-Bear is within its rights to terminate service.  This would not relieve your agency of its responsibility to pay all outstanding payments due.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact our CEO, Jay Galvan Heneghan, at